This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in crafting.  Northumberland is very crafty in more than a skills way, there are many people who have wonderful skill hidden away in their homes.  So we decided in 2019 to put a call out for these people to join us and show others of their skills.

Whilst you are able to stand and watch them at work and ask questions, you are also given the opportunity by each crafter to have a go yourselves.  You are able to find out not only about the particular skill, but how you are able to get started yourselves, are there any clubs nearby where you live that you could join in.

Now not everyone in the family is taken up with crafting, but never worry, whilst you are enjoying yourselves learning new skills, they can be wandering around the centre learning about the horses and other rare breeds, or even just sitting back and enjoying some of our homemade refreshments.

We do make a small charge for this event of £5 per adult, however the children and family pet are FREE