Set demonstration are not a main feature as the farm is a working farm and therefore activities are always ongoing.  We welcome anyone to watch, ask questions and photograph the activities. These activities may also stretch into professionals at work.  We are extremely lucky in that our Vets and Farrier are happy for the public to witness what is happening.  This is part of a working unit that many do not get the opportunity to see and in the past many have commented on how interesting it is.

On occasions we do hold open afternoons, where a specific activity will be demonstrated e.g. riding of the horses, these will be advertised on our calendar so do keep an eye out.



A very popular activity at Hay Farm.  The carriage operates from Easter until Halloween, Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 2.30pm depending on weather.  This year we have introduced the Brewery Trip which will run from May onwards on alternative Wednesdays, please see calendar for dates.

Easter, Halloween and Christmas visitors are able to ride in our specially decorated carriage, and after a the huge success of the nighttime carriage, you can now have a Spooky evening ride at Halloween.

Children must be accompanied by an adult, and if you feel that you may have difficulty boarding the vehicle please let us know and we will help out.

One member of the family is not omitted from enjoying the ride and that is the family pet, just as long as he/she sits on the floor they will enjoy it just as much as you will.