Springtime with Heavies is a celebration of what heavy horses have been used for over their working life.  Visitors will be able to see animals working in the field on springtime activities, along with displays of animals being driven and ridden.  


The purpose of the event is to allow people the opportunity to talk with those who have been involved with these gentle giants all their lives, learn of their history and even take the opportunity to participate in activities.

Visitors are able to witness the technicalities of harnessing and driving, along with learning the art of dressing the horses to show specification.

As opposed to sitting at the ringside and watching these animals, this event allows to come up close and talk with those involved and witness the attention to detail, along with old working skills.

Sadly, our 3 native breeds of heavy horses are registered on the Rare Breed Watchlist also those who are able to carryout these old skills are also becoming a rare sight.  So this event is very important to us to encourage interest in keeping this wonderful part of our history alive.

If horses are not your thing we also have on display a large collection of old working machinery and other artefacts. Visitors are able to view other Rare Breed Animals and we have a representative from RBST on site to answer any of your questions.

This is a family event for all ages, and even the family pet is welcome if on a lead at all times.  Wonder around and witness activities from time gone by, jump aboard the carriage, enjoy lunch from our homemade selection and then browse the local craft and food producers stalls.